Lakeland, FL – Tuesday April 10, 2018 – Today, at 10:00am, from the Nikon Media Center at the Sun ‘n Fun Fly-In and Expo, Lightspeed Aviation is pleased to announce several programs and partnerships to help support growing the pilot community. The first program is targeting past Lightspeed Aviation Foundation recipients to incentivize scholarship participation. Those qualifying organizations that offer a minimum of $5,000 and above scholarships will receive Lightspeed Zulu 3 headsets to serve pilots during training and their launch in to the aviation world.

Early 2018 participants will include the 99’s, Whirly Girls foundation, and Liftoff Learning. Additional prior Lightspeed Aviation Foundation participants will be added throughout 2018. To get qualifying information and to request an application, please contact The goal is to expand this program in 2019 to organizations beyond just the 50 prior Lightspeed Aviation Foundation recipients.

Lightspeed Aviation continues it’s heartfelt commitment to collaborative, working relationships globally that can impact the growth of pilots and general aviation. For 2018-2019, Lightspeed is partnering with AOPA to further accelerate the strong growth initiatives they have in place under the “You Can Fly” program. Fueling the work being done with Rusty Pilots, Flying Clubs, and the Flight Training Experience, Zulu 3 headsets will be donated for use as elements for these ongoing initiatives that cover all ages of the piloting journey. In total, over $50,000 worth of headsets will be used to attract, inspire, and reward continued pilot growth.

Another partnership for growth is being developed with the Recreational Aviation Australia. New pilot scholarship support, along with other programs, are being pursued to reignite GA pilot growth Down Under. According to Allan Schrader, President/Founder of Lightspeed Aviation and the Lightspeed Aviation Foundation, “As opportunities emerge, we’d love to do our part in accelerating the growth of interest, action, and ultimately pilots enjoying the benefits of aviation worldwide.” For organizations involved at the national level in broad-based growth initiatives, please reach out to Allan by calling Lightspeed Aviation at 800-332-2421.

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