A Renewed Focus on Growth

This is normally the time of year when the Lightspeed Aviation Foundation would be soliciting nominations for the Pilots Choice Awards. However, we are beginning a new initiative that we are excited to share. For the last 6 years the Lightspeed Aviation Foundation has listed as part of its primary mission to promote a vibrant and growing pilot community. While we have had the privilege of partnering and serving nearly 50 incredible organizations in the aviation world we have continued to see declines in general aviation. It is because of that that the board of Lightspeed Aviation Foundation has determined to focus our efforts in 2016 in the area of growth.

Historically, many great organizations have played a role in trying to stop the decline of the General Aviation population. But we think there is more that can be done. Look for future communications as we unfold the Pilot Growth Project for 2016. This is something that we must all do together and we will definitely need your help. This is an opportunity where we can all win while serving and fulfilling our unique missions.

Serving the Aviation Community

The Lightspeed Aviation Foundation was established in 2010 out of the commitment and passion of the Lightspeed Aviation Corporation to serve the aviation community. Since introducing its first product at EAA AirVenture in 1996, Lightspeed Aviation has established a reputation for leading product innovation in aviation headsets with a number of "first to market" advances in comfort, quiet, clarity, and pilot-centric functionality. This has earned Lightspeed a loyal customer following among professional, commercial, and private pilots.


2015 Pilots Choice Winners Announced

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